Nearly got squished

There was one guy ahead of me at the intersection, an older guy in a Chrysler minivan, making the same right turn I was making. When he turned he got into the left lane and proceeded on. When I made the right turn I immediately got into the rightmost lane, knowing that’s where I need to be up ahead, feeling safe because he was in the next lane over. I started to pass him, but he slowly drifted into my lane as I was halfway past him. I layed on my horn to no avail, slamming on my brakes to avoid being crushed, hoping not to get rear ended in the process.

I’m sorry, but if you’re moving down the road in the left lane I’m going to assume that’s where you want to be, and I will drive accordingly - you don’t get the whole damn road, and those lines on the road actually have meaning. If you want to get into the right lane, how about using your directionals and actually looking to see if that area is clear before moving over? And if you can’t hear someone’s horn blaring for what seemed like 10 seconds, perhaps you should get your damn hearing checked.


I don’t want them in my vehicles, but for some people those electronic safety nannies, like lane change assist and blind spot monitoring, may actually be useful, if they can hear them and react accordingly, that is.

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