I saw what looks like a Challenger Hellcat, although I’m sure I wouldn’t know a fake if I saw it, having never seen one in person.

I can only hope that this person was at the adjacent natural foods store buying something like Certified Fair Trade Organic Gluten-Free green tea. Maybe even two boxes of tea. To bring home in a giant smoky burnout.

Or just as likely they’re at the dive-y pizza joint having a whole large pizza and a $4.99 pitcher of Bud for lunch. Followed by smoky burnouts.

If this IS a hellcat, I really like the black color with those wheels, and the totally understated badging. In this color, most people wouldn’t know it from a rental-spec - hell most people would look at it and not know it from a Charger or maybe even a Mustang, because most people don’t care.


I would have liked to hear this thing start up and go down the street.

Also, the vanity plate gives a big middle finger to every smug Prius driver. Presumably you can’t see the plate anyway most of the time the car is under power, due to the constant burnouts.