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Necessary car shopping - Ram schooling

Between kids, a bust work week, some sad family news, and test driving trucks, next gen S2000 has been a busy boy.

I’ve test drove a Chevy Silverado and it was meh. It would be an acceptable appliance. Does everything I would need. Safe bet all be it uninspiring.


I’ve test drove a few Ford F-150's and those seats are awful. Really want to like them as they are generally the cheapest, have the above average mpgs, and competitive tow capabilities. If I can’t get comfy for a 10 minute test drive, I’m sure I would suffer during an hour long commute.

I like the Tundra but man the mpg is awful and the cabin is below par. Resale is great which screws everything up. I don’t really get an older truck with more miles even though it would probably hold up better in the long run.


Which leaves the Ram. Checked out a Laramie, and damn it is nice. I get that the other trucks I drove weren’t the same trim level and that plays a huge roll. The seats though, best out of all of them. That’s really the selling point for me. MPG’s are middling. Towing is at the lower end of the scale but sufficient for me.

I’m going to test drive one more F-150 and find a Ram to do a real test drive on to see how it responds. I’ve found this little fella in western CO. It’s a year or 2 older than I want but the price and miles are right. Plus it has the 8 speed auto. I’m a bit hesitant pulling the trigger sight unseen but I’m going to talk to the dealer today.


So school me oppo, any quirks that I should be aware of? I’m a bit suspect of their build quality.

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