Fine people of OPPO, I need your recommendations.

My sister in law is replacing her Murano (with 215k miles!!) and I’m trying to give practical recommendations for her to look at. She wants a small or medium sized CUV. She sadly does not like the 4 runner, no matter how many times I tell her and my brother to buy one. They live in CO and go to the mountains every weekend. She looked at a few Subarus and was not impressed (she might get kicked out of Colorado for that). Per her, the vehicle must have AWD and be an SUV. A sunroof and premium features would be nice and my brother would prefer something engaging since he’ll drive it every once in a while. Under 30k is preferred. My list is below:

CX-5 (too small)

Hyundai/KIA CUV

CPO RX 350

CPO GLK350/X3/Lincoln CUV/XT5/Land Rover (I’m worried about reliability)

FERD Exploder EB (she thinks it is too big)

Escape (doesn’t like it)

I think that’s all I’ve come up with. Anything I missed? I purposely left off the Rav4/CRV


Ice cream for your time:

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