Dang, that’s a big picture.

I’m heading out tomorrow morning to look at some outdoor footwear. A few weeks ago, I made a post about wanting a pair of trail shoes that could handle rainy walks to class, occasional hiking trails, and winter ice, while being colorful and costing a decent price. REI is the king of outdoor apparel, so I’ll head to them first for advice on what to wear. I like flexing, but if the shoe is sold at REI, it probably constitutes as flexing, even if the shoe I find is from some Norwegian brand only twelve people in America know about.

REI has a deal tomorrow in which clearance items (prices ending in .83 and .93) are an extra 25% off. However, I have Member coupons for 20% one full-price item and 20% one Garage item that begin Friday. If the style I find is clearance, I’d buy it tomorrow, but if it’s full-price or Garage, I’d head back Friday. (Honestly, the price would be for the convenience of helping me). They also have a boot-fitting day Saturday, which is intriguing. Does REI do foot-mapping and fitting like some running stores do, or should I look elsewhere? Many Oppos seem to have REI experience, so I just wanted to ask. If I’m dropping a bunch of cash on some shoes I want to last for years, I need to make sure the shoes I’m buying are incredible.