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Necessary Gambler Shopping With Mercedes: Oddballs!

The Ranger met its new owner today!

I got to keep the roof rack!


As for its replacement, I have a couple in mind...

Both of these Festivas can be had for the same dirt cheap price, however the blue one is a 6 hour round trip. Oof. Otherwise they are both 5 speed and both ready to roll.


Along with the overland go kart idea (fun fact: the suspension from the Aspire is direct bolt on and provides a lift), I may give it a U-Haul livery. ;)

There are some other oddballs out there that I AM NOT LOOKING TO BUY (sorry, feel like that needed emphasis). But they did grab my interest. lol


As amazing as that $600 Focus kart is, it has to be emissions tested and I can’t imagine what’s left of the unibody is strong. It would probably buckle within 5 minutes of offroading. I hope someone does buy it though!


A $500 running and driving school bus. Nuff’ said.


At $1,500, this Daihatsu is $500 too expensive for my blood, also not road legal out here. I’d totes daily one of these if they were legal to.


Remember that International I wanted? Well, this is the other kind of commercial vehicle I’d love to own. But after my fuel economy revelation, eh...


A LOT of fellow Gamblers recommended this E class wagon. It is only $600. But you know, it’s a $600 DaimlerChrysler era Benz. I love the idea of a land barge luxury class Gambler, but there’s no chance this thing will be any more than a single run car, if it even makes it home. The rear suspension already looks extra failed. Oh, and this is the only picture of the outside of the car.... ???

Anyway, you’ll likely see me drag home a Festiva this weekend then promptly remove the doors and hatch. I already have a skid plate for it!

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