It’s popular, but incredibly stupid and pointless to shit on cyclists for bad road manners. Because frankly, everything cyclists do, motorists do - and do more of, with worst results generally.

Cars roll through stop signs - so quit yer bitchin. You ever just stand at an intersection with a stop sign and watch? Like 90% of the cars don’t come to a full stop. For some reason, we’re ok with cars rolling through a sign at 3mph, but when cyclist does the same thing? It’s all this “cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road!!1111" bullshit. And if a bicycle rolls through a stop sign? So what? What’s the big fucking deal?

A cyclist blasting through a red light at 10mph, isn’t anything like a car running a red doing 30, 40, or 50. It’s just stupid to pretend a bicycle needs to be held strictly to the same rules written for machines weighing thousands of pounds (and whose owners just blow the rules all the time anyway).


The average car driver doesn’t want to be driving. Driving is just time spent getting from some place to somewhere else, and things like checking mirrors, using blinkers, stopping at stop signs, learning what the words “right of way” mean, having two functioning head lights, or any functioning tail lights - it’s all just dumb shit that doesn’t matter. Who has time for that? A guy’s gotta get to Walmart!

Further, motorists frequently injure and kill cyclists. Not the other way around.


Motorists also frequently kill other motorists, and generally make driving un-fun, and streets dangerous.

Here’s the thing, we’re so used to how shit car drivers are that it doesn’t even register for us. We’ll sit in bumper to bumper traffic for a half hour, without giving a thought. You know, it’s just a thing that happens. Traffic happens. But get held up behind a bicycle for 10 seconds? Your stupid, dumb-ass brain goes “yeah cyclist bad! slow car down! me angy!” so a lot of us have this completely fantastic notion that somehow, cyclists are bad - worse than everybody else on the road. Even when we know we’ve seen ten or more complete idiots driving like total assholes, we see one cyclist that day coast through a stop sign, and we tell ourselves cyclists are the worst!


But no. Motorists are. In every single way. Not even rhetorically, but practically, and demonstrably so.



cyclists also have thighs