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While the CF Moto may have been saved from the chopping block (only to become my next Gambler 500 rig), I’m still selling two bikes. I’m even more serious now about doing this after the 451 smart decided to catastrophically fall apart last night. I’m now desperate to have fewer projects..

First up, my favourite “I’m selling, but not really” toy, the Jinlun 150cc Ruckus clone. With the CF Moto running I literally have no reason to keep this around.


Thankfully it still runs and rides. I also have the title in my dresser. I’ll clean it up then post it for $900 (looks like people are selling running clones for $1k in my area). So long as I get back $500 on it I’ll still profit.

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It has wider tyres than what came on it. The rear brake light and rear indicators has been replaced with a nice LED unit with integrated turn indicators. I’ve removed the muffler heat shield and repainted the muffler. I’ll also put the body panels back on save for the rear mudguard (mounts destroyed), drive cover (destroyed), and airbox (destroyed). That’s not a big deal as those are super popular mods anyway. In theory, it should be an easy sale.

And for the second bike, the $50 1992 Suzuki GSX1100G project I picked up a few months ago.

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As much as I like the idea of a standard bike with the heart of a GSX-R, I really don’t have the time to get to this project anytime soon. I’m projecting that if all of my projects go to plan, I still won’t be able to get to this on the road before the end of summer. And I really don’t want to have to move a 600 pound bike that can’t pull its own weight when I move out soon.


Why the change of heart? Well, Tucker decided to basically implode. Over the past 500-ish miles, here’s what has broken:

500-ish miles ago: ABS system stopped working (reluctor rings).
300-ish miles ago: HVAC blower motor stopped working.
YESTERDAY (seriously)
- Front pads and rotors suddenly started loudly grinding. I guess the wear indicators fell off at some point. At least they’re wearing evenly! Ha..
- Bank 1 O2 sensor failing and throwing every conceivable error code for that O2 sensor. Explains my poor fuel economy lately.
- Cylinder 1 misfire (possibly related to that O2 sensor).
- Secondary air injection pump failed. I don’t care about this at all..but still, really?
- And just to rub salt in my wounds: Moderate air leak in the left rear tyre.


Confirmed last night and this morning that these are persistent issues and not just random flukes. Ugh.

Anyway, before the car decided to fall apart I tore into the GSX1100G and determined that it fires on starting fluid, but doesn’t run. The carbs definitely need going through. Thankfully the tank is mostly clean and the previous owner was right when he said he replaced all the fluids. It needs a battery, desperately needs tyres, and it could use a front brake reconditioning. Either way, I just won’t have time to get to this. Since I spent basically nothing on this bike, I’m selling it for a little more than nothing. I want it gone for $300, but I’ll take less.


Most importantly, I need to fix Tucker’s brakes, then I need to double back around and get the fortwo cabrio driving (free the alternator, clean the clutch actuator). Then back to Tucker to diagnose the O2 sensor issue. The ABS rings can wait until fall and the blower motor should just magically appear in the middle of this chaos.

At least the good news is that I can daily any one of my running bikes while all this is happening. And the even better news is that by getting rid of the GSX, every bike in my collection will run and ride. Whew!

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