Are Hankooks any good?

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Everything is cheaper here except tires which are ludicrous expensive, and since the front left tire in my car has a huge hole down the sidewall, I need new tires..

I should buy a pair of new front tires, but given the current FR has 2800 miles on it, I wonder if I could cheap out and get a single new conti FL tire...


If I did buy two new front tires, I wouldn’t buy contis again, I do want a thicker tire, even with the speed error (go from 225/40 to 235/40) I’d get the cheapest ones tho, which would be Hankook Ventus.

Given both left tires were damaged (RL has a bubble), I should probably change all four of them, but shelling so much money on tires in one sitting is out of the question I’m afraid.

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