I brought home my first vehicle without an engine!

This is an open deck 4x6 trailer. The previous owner got it recent tyres, new lights, new wiring, and he recoated the trailer for better rust protection. All this with a title for $200.

Here is what it started as: First thing I did was get rid of the sides. Not sure if Iā€™m going to replace them and with what, but I like this look way better. Plus, no walls means no drag when towing.

I was looking for a 4x6 with a shorter tongue because by my calculations one would perfectly fit in a parking space at home while hooked up. Got that right on the money!


I also checked the wheelbases of my longest bikes and they will all fit with little room for error, though they will fit more comfortably when I get a motorcycle rail installed.


It tows extremely well. Unlike the U-Haul trailers that bounce around on the ball making a horrific racket, this trailer fits nice and snug. It tracks well, responds even better to emergency stops/maneuvers than a U-Haul, and comes in at half the weight, too.

See also, Ford hubcaps!