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Necessary Trailer Shopping With Mercedes, What Should I Look for?

Well, the time has finally come! I want to get a trailer to haul around my bikes. Why now? Well, I looked up where the Gambler 500 is starting this year and it’s over a 5 hour drive. Well then..

Most of the members of my Gambler 500 team are towing in their rigs, so I will too. But if I’m honest, I really don’t feel like renting a U-Haul for three days...or renting one at all. So, finally to do what everyone has been telling to do.


Because of my space limitations and desire to not rent more storage space, I’m looking for something small and low profile. Unfortunately, it seems hard to find tiny trailers that don’t cost a small fortune. Well, here’s my college try!

But unlike my motorcycle shopping posts where I generally ignore y’all and buy what my heart wants, I want your input!

I think something like this is a good baseline:

4x6 with posts


This little thing is almost perfect. Wide enough to tow well and not topple with a heavy 80s bike on it and those posts make for a nice place to anchor a bike. I could also fit it behind the 450 in the condo’s parking lot. Wood also appears to be in serviceable condition, too.

Unfortunately, my Goldwing and the CF Moto are longer than this trailer’s deck by over a foot. So I would only be able to haul around the smaller bikes.


Unless there’s an easy way to make it accommodate longer bikes, it’s dead in the water from the start.

So I think I should be looking for a 4x8 open deck, but not an eyesore like, say...


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