Clever Title, Spring has broke, It is now summer. Shocking!

Mr. Saturn decided to break again...

This time it appears that the part of the bottom part of the Spring that goes around the shock has broken off. It has formed a new hold on the strut/bottom shock joint (<- close enough).

So far the car has been drive-able around town, I have not had to commute more than a couple miles to the grocery store expect for the 40 mile trip I had to do from the airport when I found this out.


The RR is about 1 inch lower than the LR and there is no rubbing of the tire. The shocks look normal and do not seem to be hyper compressed or extended. The only issue has been the occasional pothole causing the spring to compress around the RR strut, but I have been trying my best to avoid those.


I have 2 main questions about this situation

1.) What sort of repair am I looking at. To me it looks like I need to get a replacement spring and just feed it over the shock. Is there anything I am overlooking (of course it is alway more complicated than it looks). Unfortunately, I have no capability to fix it in an apartment complex so...


2.) Approximately how much am I looking at for a repair.

Below is the LR spring for comparison