Hey folks. I drove my 2014 Mustang on a 130 mile trip this morning. I was driving from Cumberland, MD back to Washington, DC. The car twice made a sound that I’ve never heard it make before. The first time it happened was when I booted it from 60mph to 80mph. As soon as I gave it the throttle, a weird...I don’t know...crunchy sound...or maybe explodey sound came from the engine bay. I was all like...whoa wtf was that? But the car continued to run fine for another 90 miles. Then I did basically the same thing and again, a quick crunch/boom sound from the engine as I fed the throttle. My first thought was a backfire because it sounded like a boom from the front which could have been a detonation in the intake (though I’m really far from an expert on this). I also considered that it could have been the gears grinding, but wouldn’t I have felt that too? Like a jolt through the drivetrain? Cause I didn’t feel anything at all, just the sound as the car shifted into a lower gear to accelerate. Anyone know what that could be? I did get gas from a sketchy station before I made the trip, so maybe bad gas was just screwing with something causing backfires?

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