How about you watch some footage from My first track day.

Shameless plug, I know. But, I’ve had the footage for a while and have just now found the time to share it, being busy with school and such.


Also, fair warning, the audio is just wind noise, and its not super exciting because my car isn’t what you would call fast, and tracking my car is still new to me. I believe this was my fourth session of the day. It was easily the best thing I’ve ever done. 10/10 Would recommend to anyone debating it. And even though I had one of the slowest cars on paper, I still managed to pass guys in quicker cars. The track was the New York Safety Track.

The car in question is this:

Illustration for article titled Need a Distraction?

My 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. Drivetrain is stock, but it has some suspension and brake upgrades. Nothing too crazy, but definite improvements over stock.  

Anyone else think we should put together an Oppo track day?

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