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So I am about to get a new daily driver. Been perusing Autotrader for the last week or two daily like a heroin addict needs a fix to get through the day. I live in Michigan and its been a snowy winter. I currently drive a 2012 escape. Alright its not a lifted truck. But it still only gets like 17-20 for most driving. I need a new car in the next month. So I was thinking of buying this time around.

Budget : 13000

Miles : less than 70k

No older than 2007

Considered cars so far are...

VW GTI, Ford Fiesta, Pontiac Solstice GXP, Chevrolet HHR SS, RX-8 (Scared of them being starved of oil though),


What do you guys suggest I look for that would be fun to autocross and daily drive???

(Substory of why I drive this thing.

Illustration for article titled NEED A NEW DD? Is a Solstice GXP as bad as I imagine?

I wanted to experience a new car for cheap so I basically rented leased one for dirt cheap($267 absolutely nothing down and 12k miles a year, MSRP about 30k). Got it with a bunch of useless ass options with the 4 banger and AWD. Didn't use the damn AWD for 22 months until last month really. I love the AWD in the snow, it bosses up on the snow and just goes. But I don't really want a truck again, especially because a new one with AWD will be like 50-100 more a month depending on options it looks like)

BTW I am leaning away from the Solstice. It has zero place to put stuff in the doors, no console storage and the trunk only holds what looks like would be a few bottles of water with the top down. I love the Idea of it but I need some storage if there isn't any trunk space. Oh and I saw a video on how to change the battery on youtube. I thought hmmm why would someone film that its easy right? Could it really be a pain in the neck, so I click'd. Are you kidding me I need to remove all that for a simple battery. Wow what about other simple stuff?


If your still with me after all that rambling, I also am just considering leasing again but with a little more excitement. Fiesta ST's have great lease deals so my payment with the Recaro option would be similar to now but I would have more miles like 16500.

Help give me some direction guys!

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