Hey Oppo, I need your help to try and make the impossible? possible.

My girlfriend is doing an internship that's about 8 hours or 700km or 450miles away. I've driven it a couple times using rental cars and another time by bus.

A rental car costs about 350$ round trip, the bus is 200$ round trip, a plane ticket is 700$

Now, say I do this twice a month, that's at least 400$. Three times a month, that's 600$.

My question is: Can I purchase or lease a car for 2 months and do this cheaper?

Here are my thoughts so far:

Option 1: Take over a lease such as this: http://www.leaseexperts.ca/vehicle.asp?id…


Pros: FREE (with incentive), newer car, can rack up the miles, warranty, well maintained

Cons: I'm liable for any damages done by the previous owner, higher insurance rates

Option 2: Purchase a used car and hope to sell it for the same price?

Pros: Could turn out great with a low buy in cost, insurance is 1/5th of the price


Cons: Repairs, hard to resell, etc