Need an Oppo-inion

Should I trade this:

1977 Toyota Celica GT (RA29) 20R motor. Runs, drives, could use a tuneup and a carb rebuild. Solid body.


For this:

1975 International pickup (a 150 series I think.) Manual, 304 V8, new radiator, hoses, belts, rear brakes, could use a carb rebuild. Solid body.

Here's my reasoning: I'd get more use out of a truck, I don't drive the Celica much as it is, and I do haul stuff on occasion. I've always had a soft spot for Internationals ( I owned 3 back in high school, one of which ran and I drove,) Not that I don't for Toyotas as well (I own 3.) The prices are pretty comparable as far as what each one would sell for. SO, what do you think Oppo?

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