So this has been happening for a while, and I can’t see to figure it out. This only happens after I’ve started and driven the car twice before in the same day, on the 3rd time this happens.


What you’re seeing in the video is me cruising down that road, when I press the throttle just a little bit more as if i’m about to start going up a hill and trying to maintain speed the RPMS just can tell the car is miss firing..if i give it just a bit more throttle it will stop, it also stops if i give it less throttle. Everything runs great the first time i fire up the car, and the second time..but after the second time this happens.

This is in a 95 Mustang 5.0, In the last 3000 miles I’ve put on a summit racing Bullet distributor, new TFI Module, and a new coil, new spark plugs, new wires. New throttle body with new TPS. It was doing this before I put these parts on but it was much worst and was happening every time I started the car.


I’m not sure what to try to replace next. Any ideas are welcomed.

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