Ghost Games announced today that online free roam will be coming with the next update, which will be rolled out tomorrow.

At the start, it’s gonna be rather basic, simply players able to meet up and roam around the map, and take photos of their and each other’s cars.

Ghost plans to add more to AllDrive over time, which I honestly think is a smart idea. Start from the basic, which allows players to meet up, which is one of the things the NFS community wanted the most out of a free roam, and then add more when they feel the features are ready, without having to worry about major bug issues.

This got me any other Oppos here have Payback on XB1? Because if so, I’d love to set up a meet on AllDrive as soon as possible, to give it a test run and to show off some cars (I have a ton of cars in my garages/warehouse to show off).