I saw the movie over the weekend and I have to admit it was awesome. It's no Godfather, obviously, but as far as car movies go I think it was as good as it gets. 100% better than The Fast and The Furious and most of the sequels. ;) On-par with the likes of Gone in Sixty Seconds (the recent one, not the very '70s with a dollop of extra '70s original Gone in 60 Seconds) and the first and second Transporter.

Aaron Paul was surprisingly good and none of the lines came off as cheesy. I thought for sure that there would be a number of uber-cliche moments throughout but I enjoyed the plot.

Sure there are some wrecks, a couple jumps, and some other stunts, but I never noticed any CGI (they actually did most of the stunts from what I understand). Most of all, it's Need for (fucking) Speed. If you're going to complain about the stunts, I must ask: did you ever play any of the games? They could have really overdone it a-la Transporter 3, but thankfully all of the stunts came off as natural for the movie, nothing was completely unbelievable or ridiculous and it all tied in with the story.

So yeah, it's definitely worth seeing if you're at all interested in cars and I'll be picking it up on bluray when it comes out.