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Need halp trouble shooting internet

So my internet’s been super spotty the past couple of days, rarely working today. Both on my PC connected via ethernet and my phone on wee-fee.

Obviously first step was to reset the modem, after about one and every 5 tries it’d work, but the internet would be really slow. I loggined into my account with my ISP, and their trouble shooting thing was often saying that my modem wasn’t connected.


Then I tried resetting the DNS cache, based on some YT video which didn’t help anything.

I also did a ping test, and of 50 pings, about 30-40 timed out. So there’s that.


All in all, I want to know if there’s anything I can do to rule out my ISP, or if it’s a clear cut case it’s my modem, since my ISP is often saying it’s not connected (although I suspect there’s still a slim chance that it is there fault, but in my mind, not likely).

pic of some error codes from my modem, had no luck googling them.

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I’m pretty sure the codes with the date in 1970 are the ones from right after I reset the DNS cache, which may have caused that?

One last question, I have a router/modem combo. If I buy just a modem, can I use my current router/modem as just a router? I haven’t been having any trouble with the wifi, and I found some modems for cheap on CL.

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