That it’s okay to buy control arm’s that cost as much as the cars worth. Namely these units with a serviceable ball joint. More after the jump.(also turbo picture because I never showed it)

While the Lexus was down for rear tires ,new radiator, spark plugs(read: tinkering) I noticed that there’s nearly a 1/3" play in the passenger lca. It’s amazing, enough that the wheel turns l/r on it’s own from lca play not the tie rod.(thanks dirt roads)

So the lca options are oem supra units which will cost around $800 for a set, no serviceable joint, and may bind on the lowered car with excessive angle.

Japspeed lca with hiem joints that are open to dirt and grime. They cost around $800 shipped, but look a tad flimsy for street use.


Figs units which will cost $1500 before taxes. But have high quality design and a serviceable joint.


 The cars down until I make a decision, but just making this post tells me I want the figs more.

Now for janky turbos!