Ok Oppo, hopefully you have good advice.

I am leaving Thursday morning from bitter cold NE Indiana to sunny warm southern Florida for almost 2 week honeymoon and I am quite torn about what tires to have on my Focus ST for the trip.

Currently I have dedicated snow tires which we all know will not do well at all when the going gets warm but I am scheduled to leave on Thursday and travel through Winter Storm Thor.

Here is Wednesday's Forecast:

Here is Thursday's Travel Day Forecast:


Snowfall forecast:

Thursday's Travel agenda has us going down 75 and stopping over in Atlanta before proceeding to southern Florida on Friday.


The hotel we got in Atlanta is non-refundable, because discounted friends and family rates apparently only come that way and now I regret such a decision.

Here is the interstate forecast


While in Florida we are going to be driving around quite a bit and on the return leg we are scheduled for a detour through Asheville and the Dragon so I would like to have my Eagle F1's on for that. Plus the forecast for the rest of the return trip stays in the 50's

So Oppo what tire should I travel almost 3k miles on?

Goodyear Eagle F1's or Falken Eurowinter HS443's?

Thanks for your input.