Need Help Figuring Out What I Saw. .

To start, no SR20.

It was a convertible. Pretty sure it was a 2 seater. Rear end had a 70s feel like the late model Triumphs or some other Miatadaddy. Rear was flat and squarish. Front end sloped down in the hood and the fenders did not bulge or flair, but were higher than the hood. The headlights were recessed in cutoutsthat were tapered/rouded towards the middle. I hate to say this but it reminded me of a Geo Metro...

I was driving the other way and not close to it. Its been bugging me since yesterday. I also saw a Corvette Super Sport and a newRam with fender flares. Exposed fasteners everywhere. Did not look right.


BTW, it was red.

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