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Need help. What should I do about my paint on my WRX?

I have many paint problems with my 2006 WRX that is Aspen White. Subaru is definitely not known for great paint, and I have not taken care of it as well as I should have. I’ve been trying to repair it using various products but there is only so much I can do. So I’ve decided I need to step up to drastic measures. I have a few ideas and am wondering if anyone has experience or suggestions for me.

Option 1: Plastidip

It would be fairly cheap to do and the process is well documented. I could change to cars color to anything not white and if I didn’t like it I could change it again in a few years.


Option 2: Graffiti car

I could do what Maggie Stiefvalter did and go completely mad and give my car some flair. It would hide the flaws and would be completely different from anything else.


Option 3: Paint the car

I could step outside my comfort zone and paint my WRX. I do have access to a ventilated paint booth and my cousin and brother have painted a few semis various colors. This is probably the smartest option but I’ll have to take an extended weekend to North Dakota to do this. That’s a 6 hour drive one way and it’s not like I could leave the car there. It would be a long and busy weekend. Plus I’d owe my brother a big favor.


Option 4:

Go to a body shop and relieve myself of $2-5k. This is not really an option for me at this time.


Option 5:

Deal with it and live with it.

So if you have any advice, expertise or just want to chime in, leave me some comments.

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