I'm thinking of replacing my 2006 mazdaspeed6 (which has 205,000km on the odo) with a BMW 135i (6 spd manual) with around 120,000km (give or take 10,000km). The speed6 is slowly turning into a money pit :( ie.: tie rod ends need replacement, and the rear fenders started to rust.

I was looking around, and had virtually no idea about which car I should get (Wagon ? Coupe ? Sedan ???!!!)... My criteria where : good aftermarket support, easy to work on (I'm a big DIY, don't expect me to visit a mechanic unless I'm waaaay too busy) Must be manual, FWD not accepted. Stumbled upon those littles BWMs by pure accident. The N54 in them is full of potential. I verified the insurances, and they will actually end up being less expensive than my current car.... dafuq ? (safer crash test I guess)

There are only two thing holding me back... I'm uncertain about driving a RWD in the winter. I'm in Canada and we get an average of 82 inches of snow every winter... BUT I mostly take the bus to school and work.

The second being reliability (ah!). Mind you, mazdaspeed3&6 are notorious for blown engine, turbos, and broken timing chain and it never kept me awake at night. So if the 135 is an improvement, and clear DIY guides and workshop manual are available (bentley publishing like) I'm okay with it. From my reading, beside issues with their fuel pump (share will all the bmw range), they seem to be somewhat reliable

Thanks for reading& your eventual input !

Here is an M3 and a 135i both in Lemans blue for your time !