A cheap car, but an interesting car. A car that is probably a bad idea, but only has to commute 12 miles on level ground in often cool air, and doesn’t even always have to start because I can drive my truck in that case. See how I open up my options enable myself like that?

This hard to find ‘77 Lancia HPE should be a reliable daily driver. For $1900, what could possibly go wrong? It could easily break down while carrying carry parts to and fro, for my other Lancia project that will probably never be finished.

Searches include:

Volvo 544,122, 745T, 945T, 855T
Alfa Milano, GTV6 (unrealistic but why not) & 164
BMW E21, E3 Bavaria, E28, E36
Saab 900 Turbo/SPG, 9000 Turbo
Ford shoebox, Falcon, Fairlane, and Foxstang
VW Baja, Mk1 & Mk2 GTI, Squareback. Also Quantum Syncro and Vanagons. Don’t judge me.
Lancia anything
MBZ 190E 2.6 manual (they exist!)
Audi 4000Q, Coupe GT, UrS4 & UrS6 Avant
80's Toyota Celica/Supra
240SX (yeah right, like any good ones are left)
AE86 Corolla (see above)
Jaguar XJ Series 3
Renault anything
Citroen anything
Peugeot anything
Lexus ES300 (admittedly not interesting, but damn it’s a nice car)
Porsche 924S & 944


What else could I look for that could reasonably be had for under $5,000 or so? Manual transmission preferred but not mandatory.