I’ve just about finished off the tires on my SV650. I don’t know how many miles were on them when I got the bike, but I’ve racked up about 5300 miles in the 3 months I’ve had her.

I’m riding up to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days this weekend (more on that later) so I’ll probably be solidly down to wear bars after this trip. The rear is also pretty flat spotted from a few long hauls on the slab and theres a little cupping going on too.

I was thinking I’d be able to stretch the tires through the rest of the riding season, but I can’t seem to stay off the bike!

So what Sport Touring tires do ya’ll recommend? The current tires are Continental ContiMotions and they’re cheap and get the job done, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot better tires out there.


I’m currently trying to decide whether I want to lean more towards the sport side (Pirelli Angel GT) or the touring side (Michelin PR4, Metzeler Roadtec 01). I kinda do all kinds of riding canyon carving, commuting, touring/slab, and I plan on trying a track day or two later this year.

So Oppo, have any experience with any of these tires or others?