So i’ve gotten to the point where if i want to make my street car a better track car, it will start to become a poor street car. I do not want to remove interior, add stiffer bushings, modify fenders for wider tires, etc. So it is time to buy a car purely to thrash at race tracks.

Here are my criteria: $5000 budget, all in. that includes any repairs or mods needed to make it track worthy. That does not necessarily mean turned into a full blown race car for that cost. just good enough to start doing track days with. so it does not need to be caged with coil overs, cammed/turbo’d/supercharged, slicks, big brakes for that price. Vehicle can be relatively stock provided it’s safe, reasonably fast and handles ok.

I strictly do DE events, so there are no model requirements/limits, however, I WILL NOT FIT IN A MIATA! no matter how much you lower the floor. Maybe an NC, but that’s over budget.

It will NOT be street driven, so does not need to be street legal. Salvage titles and cosmetic damage are OK.

I prefer something with a fair amount of power vs a momentum car. Again, sorry Miata.


Manual or shiftable auto OK, no preference on FWD/AWD/RWD.

Vehicle should have widely available performance parts and should be fairly reliable with reasonable costs for consumables (tires, brakes, etc). Note that head gaskets, timing chains, etc are NOT considered consumable items.


Feel free to post links to actual vehicles for sale if they are located within 500 miles of central New York.