Need oppo-inion on the Fiat Panda

Behold the Fiat Panda

An endearing shitbox, designed with the sole goal of being cheap. So you get nothing. Not even curved glass. You don't even get a glovebox, you get a trough (you also don't get high resolution photo's).


What do you get?

room for sexytime:

Now this car is the only european basic motoring utensil (doesn't even deserve the name appliance) that is cheap. Others, such as the mini, Fiat 500, 2CV and beetle are expensive. Now you can get one of these endearing little turds for about 500 euro, so they can't really depreciate. The question is not "will they appreciate in the coming decade?" but rather "will they appreciate enough to make them a solid investment?, if yes, which one should I buy?"

The Panda 4x4 is out, they are already over 2k which is a lot more than frivolous cash.

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