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Need Part Advice / BMW E9X Armrest

Oppo, I have an E92 M3 with a split center console armrest. It is ‘grey’ or ‘artic grey’ it has a bluish tint to it. I can’t post photos as our Internet browsers here at work are older than my parents’ used Nissan Rogue!!

I’ve had the M3 since November 2010. So it has 8 years of my arm resting on the rest...I cleaned it on occasion, but noticed it started getting a bit ugly. So I tried using a Leather restore which claimed it was designed for this and instead of cleaning or doing anything it seemed to make it worse.


As I have to fix the ceiling in the car soon (fabric came down), I figured I’d fix this too.

Do I just order a new split armrest? Or do I take it to someone to get redone? I think it is toast.


Recommendations on where the part is or what to get? 

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