Need Project Name Suggestions

Alright Oppo, I may or may not be building a “Tweaker Harley” (thanks BlakeMT) motorized 2-stroke bicycle. As we all know, the most important part of any project is the name. Unfortunately, this is a part that I’ve been struggling with. Help me Oppo!


  • After the unfortunate incident with “Death Kart,” the name cannot include “Death” or illusions to dying, crashing, or generally be morbid
  • Short and simple preferred
  • Cannot be “Angry Weedeater” as the Renegade has claimed that

Current suggestions:

  • Tweaker Harley
  • Angry Weedeater
  • Terrible Lawnmower
  • Ill-advised [something]
  • Lazy Bike
  • EPA Mandated

I don’t really like... any of these. Suggestions?


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