Need recommendations for gaming laptops

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Hey Oppo. I know that some of you are computer people. I’m really not. My six-year-old Dell XPS 630i is on its way out, and I need to replace it. My entire life, I’ve only had desktop computers, and I’m ready for the convenience of a laptop.


I’m not a big gamer. Mostly, I just use my computer for editing photos and messing around on the internet. But I am a casual gamer, and I want my next computer to be able to run a very graphics-heavy game: GTA V. And I want it to perform as well as possible.

People have told me, “Oh, you don’t want a laptop for gaming. Get a desktop.” But I really, really want a laptop. I’ve had desktops my whole life, and I’m ready for something portable. I want a single computer that I can use for everything. I’m not going to buy a computer and then buy a second computer just for gaming. Like I said, I’m not a big enough gamer to justify that.


Can anyone recommend a good machine? My max budget is $1,100, but I’d prefer to spend less if I can. (Also, it’s worth mentioning that I’m not going to build my own. I’m a simple, plug-and-play kind of guy. Something that I can pick up at Best Buy or Costco and get running in less than an afternoon is ideal.)

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