Back in July I needed to return a Comcast cable box. Nearest Comcast brick and mortar store was in a kind of cruddy area of Boston, lots of used tire places and small, rough mechanics. However, right behind the Comcast store was a small garage with a 2002 sitting in it with a for sale sign. Of course I had to go check it out.

It was pretty rough but ran, all original (aside from a perfect Prototipo wheel), and was only the first of many awesome cars tucked into this tiny garage. There was one mechanic inside who was glad to show me around and deal with my drooling. He had an Italian accent and he was the only mechanic that works there.

There was a beautiful Lancia Beta Coupe, a beautiful 1985 GTV6, an Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce that had a brand new hand pounded front end ready to go on, a Fiat X1/9 that belonged to the boss man, a Ferrari 400, and tons of random parts and bits strewn about.


Anyway, I didn't want to take up more of his time but got a business card. What I'm getting at is I want to figure out a proper way of approaching them in regards to working at the shop and learning from the mechanic. I waited so long since visiting because they're only open weekdays and I've been on a co-op but when classes start back up I should have a few free days.

Does anyone have any advice or knowledge of the best way to approach this shop? I'm not looking for a paying job, I'd be more than happy to sweep and organize and quietly learn once a week, it's not about money but about learning. I just need to figure out if there's a good way of wording that desire to learn and see if something can come of it. If not it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's a hell of a shop.