Several years back, I bought a motorcycle. My thinking was to get an old cheap motorcycle that I can learn on and have it with enough CCs so I can grow with it. Well I bought it. It’s about 600lbs.

Where I lived, I did not feel comfortable taking out to learn on. Now that I moved, I have a little more space to take it. In the summer I dug it out of the garage. Took it for a spin. Landed it on my ankle. Wife gave lots of frowny faces with some PG13 frowny words.

In either case, I sorta want to sell it. It’s in good shape. Low miles. My ankle landing didn’t cause any damage to the bike.

Here is the dilemma. I put it up on craigslist. Someone shows up to look at it. Takes it for a road test.

1) I am nervous this person crashes it and it’s legal problems out the rear end.

2) Person doesn’t come back with it.

Normally when I buy car and I take it for a road test, owner comes with me to make sure they are present for the above so no issues. How do you deal with bike sales? Just trust a total stranger?


FYI. Bike is 1995 Honda Shadow 1100cc 4spd