Wife and I took our dogs with us this time to go see a friend in another state. While we were driving, we saw some RVs on the road. Since we had to stay in a hotel with dogs we started to kick around the idea of renting an RV. She quickly googled the price and it said something like 300 a night. That’s a bit pricey and I think if the duration was a bit longer, it would have came out cheaper.

Nevertheless, we started thinking about buying one. Quickly checked craigslist and saw some crazy disparity. You can get a tour bus sized RV for like 70k or you can get Walter White/Jesse Pinkman RV for 800 dollars.

Some RVs had something like 18,000 miles on them and others had well into 150k miles. I get it. You may not go anywhere and just camp in your back yard... wear out the insides faster than the engine... or you can do both - drive from alaska to argentina and wear out engine and insides.


How do you put a value on an RV?

Once you park your RV in your driveway, how do you empty out the grey/black water? Bucket? Pump? Where do you put the murky liquids?


What happens to mattresses inside RV when you don’t use it for say a year or few. Won’t they get moldy/musty/nasty?

How does it work with licensing? Don’t you need some sort of extra endorsement before someone gives you keys to a bus and says good luck?