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Now that we’re in production of 3D printed masks, we need to source some more filament. To make things more complicated, our local hospital that we’re working with, for some reason, is being picky about the color of the masks. We were told we need to make them, “white or clear, or dark colors if absolutely necessary.” If we could use any color, I could keep my Makerbots cranking for almost a month, but white, clear, or dark, I have 8-10 days work on hand.


We’re using three or four 1kg rolls a day across the district with all of our printers and all the other teachers doing this, so we need to order now. Money isn’t an issue, as our district’s charitable foundation will be covering the tab, but sourcing it is a problem.

Amazon is the only place I’ve ever ordered it from, but they aren’t going to be shipping it out until the 25th, so I need another supplier.


So Oppo, help me out here, what 3D printer filament suppliers have you used?

I need white, clear, or “dark” 1.75mm PLA

UPDATE: Jminer’s suggestion of Micro Center found me 13 rolls of white and 3 rolls of black, at their location about 15 minutes away from me. So, we’re good to go for a while.


I also got word that the other facility we’re printing for, a local senior center, does not care about color. So I’m going to start running one of my machines in white, and the other in various colors.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I have a ton of potential places I can source from in the future. I REALLY appreciate everybody’s help. Oppo is the best!

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