So a few months back I got sentenced with a 90 day license suspension due to a few speeding violations and an accident that wasn't my fault but for some reason counted against me. So I've been waiting for a notice in the mail about when my suspension would start, like they're supposed to send, Its been 2 months since the court sentencing now so I decided to see what was up. It turns out my license has been suspended for the past month and a half with no notice having been sent to me. so from what I read I'm supposed to hand in my license to the DMV within 30 days from receiving the notice, but seeing i never got a notice or any sort of contact from the DMV I'm not really sure what to do, I'd rather them not reset the clock on how long my license is suspended, because I need to to be able to drive to job search, and travel to my parents place to house sit, but i also don't want this to come back and bite me in the ass later. anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

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