The 4th of July is usually a fun time for most, but not for my neighbors.

Late at night my neighbor looked out his window to see two cars and “some kids” shooting fireworks at his cows and barn. He went over to confront them and one of the cars drove at him and hit him in the knee. His knee is destroyed and he is still in the hospital. The two cars drove away and they are still on the loose.

Here’s where you come in..

I know that the video is horrible quality and I personally don’t think there is any definitive evidence that could identify the car, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Our Neighbor will most likely never walk the same again and he has a long road of recovery ahead. That’s not to mention the fact that farm work isn’t something easy to do on crutches. Just give it a look, any guess is helpful at this point.

Here is what one of his family members said “This is the SUV possibly an older jeep cherokee or ford explorer. I didn’t get the dark chevy malibu which hit him on camera. It happened too fast.” “The vehicle that you see in the tape was a dark blue/black older jeep cherokee or similar boxy suv.”