Update: The tire shop put the front tire on the rear rim and vice versa. Now I get vibration when the front rim with the rear tire are on the front side (although the amplitude is less than it was before). Maybe that rim is distorted.

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So here’s the situation:

Last week I had a puncture on the leftfront and the shop repaired it(they put a blob of rubber on the inside of the tire about 10x10mm across and about 3-5mm deep). Ever since, I’ve had a vibration (in the steering)from the front left. Vibes started at 50ish mph and increased in freq and amplitude with speed. I switched the wheels front to back and it went away. So its definitely that one tire/wheel combo. I then un-switched front to back. Then I increased the tire pressure on both the front tires by 5psi (31 to 36ish). Now the amplitude of the vibration decreases, its noticible only above 75 80mph. I’ve had the tire balanced thrice now by different shops, it was perfect everytime. I took it back to the shop and inspected the outside as well as the inside of the rim and the tire. Nothing, perfect again. No cracks, bends nothing. Ooh and I’ve also been checking the wheel torque daily, it’s fine. Any ideas?


I think the rubber blob may be just too stiff compared to the tire itself and under load its like hitting a pothole everytime that part of the tire touches the road.

It’s a Firehawk Indy 500 205/50R16 btw. 4-5/32th tread depth on it.

Kavinsky for your time.

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