Note - I am posting two pictures. I don’t need to know what either of these radios are. I need to know what radio I am in possesion of and it is a combination of the two.

So my Fiero has a very weird AC Delco radio. It seems stock. But it has the weirdest combination of a graphic equalizer (the various up/down knobs that make the radio sound funky if you’ve never had one before) and a lack of cassette player. I literally can not find this delco radio and I am 99% convinced I am actually having a fever dream. I am trying to get my friend to snap a picture of it but in the meantime, was there a single GM car in the 80s that had a radio like this? It would look like a non-cassette radio like this:


But has the graphic equalizer and controls like this:

I have no idea how I have a radio like this and it is driving me mad. Best I can figure, the radio was swapped out at some point due to a jammed player and the guy nabbed another delco radio that just didn’t happen to have a tape player. So I bring this to Oppo - am I going crazy or is there another GM product that has a radio like this?

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