So, I've decided I'm going to get rid of my Honda Accord, besides the obvious annoying problems I'm running into things like my seatbelts being broken and not being able to find replacements ANYWHERE, since those belts were only made for my model, for that one year, so that mixed with other problems just doesn't make an 800 dollar beater worth it. So onto craigslist!

So, I have decided on getting a newer car that I won't have to sink as much time and money into, and seeing as how I'm pretty partial to Volvo's, I found this.

Yes, it is not a manual, but that isn't that big of a deal honestly, I would only use it as my daily commuter (70 miles daily), and as a plus side, my wife would be able to drive it, for whatever reason (like if her car is in the shop and she needs to use mine), because she can't drive stick.

Main reason I don't want an older car that would be cheaper, is because I am already trying to rebuild my 944. It honestly is the only reason why I am getting rid of the Accord, because I already have 1 project, I do not need 2. Which is why I don't want to part it out either, I don't want 2 cars just sitting in my backyard. So, what say you Oppo, does this Volvo look like a clean deal? Or should I keep looking, and if I do, what should I get? I'm open to all options, but preferably, as a commuter/beater, I would like something that has cheaper parts. And 4 doors isn't necessarily a must but it's something I would like. Doesn't have to be an automatic, but is a definite plus (read, wife situation)