As Oppo may know, I have a 2005 GMC Jimmy as my winter beater.

This past weekend I may have gone a little offroad with a pretty girl of my acquaintance and found a rather deeper mud hole than expected. Said girl in question knows a few local dirt backroads that she thrashes her Neon on during the summer, and we were both fairly confident that the Jimmy could handle them even in the depths of a BC winter… and it did! Managed to make it through even the deepest mud and puddles in 2WD as a matter of fact, although I did find one that was deeper than the headlights.

After I got home I went to pop the hood just to make sure my engine bay was clean and the air filter was dry, and I found that my hood won’t open!

Pulling the little hood release lever does nothing, although if you get a second person to pull it while you stand up at the hood you can hear something moving. I’ve tried grabbing the cable right behind the lever and pulling it extra hard, and that doesn’t help either. I’ve tried poking a screwdriver in through the grille and moving the latch, but the accessible latch seems to be the secondary one that you flip by hand after releasing the primary one, so that doesn’t help.

Does anyone know any suggestions or know anyone who had a similar problem with a 2000s GMC Jimmy, Chevy Blazer, or Chevy S-10 pickup?



(Marcos Mantula for your time)