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Need Some Oppo Help/Opinions

Hey Oppo, what's up? So, a friend of mine is looking to buy a car. He has basically decided on a '02 and up Mini Cooper, which surprised me greatly (he originally wanted a Jeep or a Firebird). I think they're kinda cool, and his parents seem cool with the idea, so it all works out.

Now, here's my question(s) for you. Does anybody have any first-hand experience with these? If so, how reliable are they? How expensive are parts/maintenance? What kind of things should you look for? THANKFULLY, he wants a manual, so there are no worries about the shitty CVT of the earlier years. I'm familiar with a few of the issues, such as the '02-'06 strut tower defect, '02-'06 power steering pump defect, and the aforementioned CVT (which won't be an issue), but otherwise, I'm not too good with them.

I found him this mint-looking '05 with, apparently, only 41k miles. What do you guys think? I think it looks really killer for the money. His budget is $6k, so this fits perfectly.


TL;DR: My friend is looking for a '02 and up Mini Cooper, and I'm looking for some first-hand advice on them.

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