I got a new (to me) tv today and am trying to use it as a second display for my windows 7 pc. It recognizes it in the Display settings and recognizes it as an audio output device yet the tv keeps displaying “check signalcable” and won’t output sound either.

It will however connect to my laptop using the same cable. It will also connect to my Xbox 360.

The pc will give output on my old tv, using the exact same setup and cable (as it has for the past years).

I tried turning down the Hz to 50Hz, restarting my pc, different HDMI ports on the tv and as I said, works fine on my ubuntu laptop and with the xbox..

I don’t know what to try anymore. Any suggestions?

Also, BIOS drivers are up to date, GPU drivers are not as anything beyond a certain update fucks up my MSI r9 270x (Don’t buy that piece of shit btw) but as it has happily displayed and output video using the same setup for years I don’t think this is the issue.


edit: Used a HDMI to DVI adapter and it works perfectly. Probably a HDCP issue. Thanks to everyone for your time!