So I’m looking for bikes off Craigslist and one private seller wants to make a copy of my driver’s license for an insurance waiver that was supposedly written up by a lawyer in the last 18 hours. Yeah. Should I be reporting this to Craigslist scams? Update: I have some more info, I’ll just copy-paste Ssfancyfresh’s post and my reply:

Is he asking you to provide this info prior to you arriving in person to inspect the bike? If so, smells fishy.

I’ve bought and sold bikes in CL and have never heard of anything like this. Typically the deal is, if you want to ride it, seller has cash in hand in case you smash the property on a test ride.

Me: To be specific, she is requesting I just bring my driver’s license to make a copy of in person, but I still remain skeptical. Yes, I’ve done enough test drives/rides to know dealerships do this all the time but it seems odd that a private seller would want to do this in the middle of a Lowe’s parking lot. She did provide a name and a phone number which if nothing else appears to be real - fwiw, they link back to a local woman who does personal, third-party financing and (of course because Colorado) cannabis. So at least there is a shred of credibility regarding her being able to draft an insurance waiver.