Alright Oppo, so here’s the deal: I spent a week in February in Scotland. It was my holiday, I’ve been meaning to post pictures on here, but time hasn’t been on my side yet.

The whole holiday was amazing, I stayed for 3 days in Edinburgh, the rest of the week I spent mostly driving around in the Highlands and the Scottish Borders.

The hotel I stayed in, Hampton by Hilton in the West End, was great. Very clean, staff was very nice and friendly, breakfast was great. Upon arrival back in Holland, I checked my bills and my CC account to see what amounts had been drawn from the card. I had discovered that the Hotel had made a mistake in that they, accidentally, had drawn 2 x 393,00 Euros from my card.


I immediately called them up and notified them of the mistake. The customer service put me through with the Hotel and the lady I had spoken to assured me it would be taken care of within a weeks time.

A week later, I checked my CC account again and saw that the Hotel partially corrected their mistake. They deposited 1 x 393,00 Euros, but I was still left with a withdrawn amount that should have not been withdrawn by the hotel.

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve been there, I’ve been in contact with, pressumably, someone who has been put on the ‘case’, but it still hasn’t been deposited back to my account. It appears that the Hotel has to issue a deposit order with their bank, but somehow, the deposit either never arrives or the bank refuses to process the order at all.

I’m getting frustrated and I’m wondering what I should do? I’ve given them a week to deposit the amount back to my account, we’re 4 weekdays in and I still haven’t gotten anything back. I hold no hopes of seeing it back next week. I really don’t want to make this into some sort of legal issue, I just want my damn money back.