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Need your help with an XJ Cherokee

So my brother has an 01 XJ Cherokee with the 4.0 that he wants to sell. He (well his wife really) is the original owner and they have maintained it by the book. No modifications and the body is in great shape. But, it has recently begun to lose some coolant and I am worried it is a cracked head or bad head gasket. Apparently that is a somewhat common problem. How to confirm it is a bad head or gasket?

I’m considering buying it, fixing it, and maybe turn it into a light build project. I’ve looked at some of the head replacement videos and it looks like a medium complex job. That old inline 4.0 is about as simple as they come though. I’m handy with a wrench but never tackled a head gasket or head replacement before. I just don’t want to do more harm attempting to replace it and end up with a dead lump! How difficult is it?


Nice XJ for your time...

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