If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Neighbor is going full Oppo. Takings bets on why.

Galaxy, GS Convertible, and Duster

In the past month my neighbor has bought a Ford Galaxy, Buick GS Convertible, Plymouth Duster and a bunch of other cars. Not pictured are a 2000s era Mustang Cobra, a 50s Ford Ranchero and a couple regular cars.

My bet is on splitting up with significant other. But it could also be coming into money (lawsuit, lotto, taxes, etc.). Any other theories?

Update: Ford Thunderbird SuperCoupe and 2000s Cadillac Eldorado are also in the mix. And I am not complaining! I love checking out classic cars. I’ll get the scoop sometime this week probably.

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