Neighbor left a note on my car.....

Inspired by Doug’s post about his neighbor leaving a note about his Hummer, share any story you have about a ridiculous comment or stupid note left on your car. I’ll share my two stories so far.

1) Snow parking spot wars. Around late February last year the snow had built up any parking was hard to come by in suburbia. As a student I came home late (10 pm) and parked in a spot near a house. Next morning I got nice note on my car not to park in “their” spot. I got irritated since they are not the owners of the street and the town has no law on snow parking. I called the town hall and they said no one owns their cleaned out spot. On top of that these people who own the house I parked at hire a plow truck to clean their length of the street and plow the snow in to a bank where atleast three cars can park. I wrote OK on their letter and left it on the owners doorstep. They could use their garage to park one of the three cars they have including the Escalade Sopranos Edition model they have.

2) My E38 busted a power steering line in front of my house and left a stain. I put towels and bounty rags to clean the best I could. Three months later after a new power steering line, my landlord nags at me for the oil stain after a neighbor left a note at his home THREE MONTHS AFTER THE OIL SPILL. I got irritated that the neighbor didn’t have the gravitas to tell it to me. My street is full of oil stains, the Intrepid next door has marked its spot Exxon Valdez style. And this neighbor has a hybrid GM sedan and solar panels so that explains his petroleum leak witch hunt.


Have a w123 300D for your time.

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